Welcome to the 2011 WageWorks Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Benefits Webpage. Your employer sponsored, WageWorks administered FSA is an easy and convenient way for you and your family to save BIG on out-of-pocket and health and dependent care expenses.

We know that choosing to participate in an FSA and how much to contribute is an important decision. To make it easy, we've put all the information and resources you need in one simple place. On this page, you'll find everything you need, from a comprehensive plan overview and introductory video to tools like savings and contributions calculators, to make an informed choice about your 2011 health and dependent care benefits.

Provided below are some of the more important information you'll need this benefits season.

Bullet Gold Please refer to your employer’s benefits materials for your open enrollment period.
Bullet Gold If you have not yet enrolled in your FSA, you can do so now by following the instructions provided by your employer.
Bullet Gold Once you’re enrolled, you can then sign up to use WageWorks' online administrative portal by going to www.wageworks.com
Bullet Gold For more information on WageWorks, or if you're ready to Sign Up for an online account, click here or type www.wageworks.com in your browser. Or Call 1.877.WageWorks (877.924.3967) to speak to one of our benefits experts.


Your FSA Toolbox
Bullet Gold Watch the Videos
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Bullet Gold Savings Calculator
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Bullet Gold Eligible Health Care Expenses
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Bullet Gold Eligible Dependent Care Expenses
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Bullet Gold Real Examples. Real Savings.
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Bullet Gold Health Care Card Resource Center
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Ready to Enroll?

Use the Calculator and other tools to estimate how much to set aside.

Sign up by following the instructions provided by your employer in your 2010 Open Enrollment Decision Guide. That's all it takes to start saving...

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Already Enrolled?
Check out the WageWorks Learning Center or Sign into your account.
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